g- Navigation Buttons


VDASH-EMU contains a virtual ButtonBox and 48 pages for the 4 integrated and ready to use virtual displays + 44 custom slots for your own custom displays created with the integrated editor

You have a Full control of the VDASH-EMU Pages and ButtonBox from your steering wheel using buttons or encoder
Check the SLIMax Manager Pro Setup Options to assign controls to these functions ( see in DISPLAY  > CONTROLS > VDASHEMU >  )

– 1 click NAVIGATION/PREFS button on top-right to display the navigation and Edit buttons
– click again the NAVIGATION/PREFS button to show general prefs

Edit Mode button on top-left OPEN/CLOSE the Editor-Bar and switch to EDITOR MODE to customize the pages

– clicking the PREV/NEXT buttons cycle through all pages *with content*
in Editor mode: the PREV/NEXT button show you *ALL PAGE* even if there is no object inside
– click the ButtonBox button to display the integrated buttonbox