l- The Editor Bar

Editor-Bar buttons from left to right (visible in Editor MODE):

– use the Sliderbar to move the entire Editor Bar vertically
– use the CloseBar button to exit the Editor Mode

first row:

– 2 buttons for Zoom Plus/Minus or Font Size increase/decrease


To change the FONT TYPE click the zoom buttons to reach the smallest or the biggest size and the text will change the FONT between Digital, Dot Matrix and Arial

– 2 toggle buttons for Zoom direction to increase/decrease width or height of object when this is allowed (for std horizontal / vertical gauges for example)
Arrows buttons to move all objects selected and fine tune their position
– click the Save icon to save current page in a template inside vdash_template directory (a confirmation dialog is displayed)
Advanced Options button to display the advanced option of the focused object
FLAG toggle ON/OFF button to show FLAG objects on the page and let you select them, FLAG object (warning object) are not selectable by default as they are usually on top of other objects
– click the Trash button to delete object selected (a confirmation dialog is displayed)
UNDO button, click it to undo previous actions (even the deletion are undoable)
Objects List, list of all objects in the page, useful to select an object and bring it to front
General Prefs button, click to display general Prefs
Text area + Text Lock/unlock button, to change the text of various object
Deep Plus button, click to bring the object to front

second row:

Target Color Toggle from Object/Text color, Border color or Background color (some object use these buttons to change color of their parts)
BLACK / TRANSPARENT button, apply the color BLACK or TRANSPARENT color to object selected
Color buttons, apply its color to the object selected
Align buttons, align selected objects
COLOR PICKER, The Color Picker let you define the colors of the object, transparency (alpha channel) and scaling text if allowed
DUPLICATE OBJECT, duplicate the current selected object
ADD LABEL+, create a new label object
ADD DATA, create a Data Label object (fuel, temp, time, speed, press, etc.) see the Advanced Options of object for more details
ADD FLAG, create a FLAG/WARNING object (Pit Limiter, Yellow, Blue, Engine Warning, etc.) see the Advanced Options of object to enable BLINK feature of the FLAG
ADD STD Horizontal or Vertical Gauge Level, create std  pedals set, tire temp, water / oil temp, press, fuel, etc., see the Advanced Options to switch between several style of gauges
ADD CAR GAUGE, create car gauge object like NASCAR SPEK Pro gauges
ADD MISC, create other type of object like LEFT/RIGHT Panel, Big Gear, Shiftlights, LED, etc.
DEEP Less button to bring to back object selected