u- Using more than ONE VDASH-EMU at the same time

Using more than ONE VDASH-EMU at the same time and at FULL SPEED with no lag,

1) you need to have a VALID license correctly installed for all your VDASH-EMU running on your network. Lag and unexpected results will occur if you don’t have a fully registered EMU license for each instance of VDASH-EMU.

2) you need to configure the UDP PORT, launch the VDASH-EMU on all your devices/pc (4 max) and open the General Prefs to configure the UDP Network port (you need to restart the EMU for the change to take effect).

3) IMPORTANT: you must have at least ONE DEVICE WITH THE DEFAULT PORT 35800
this is the device or PC with the main UDP port.

4) configure other devices with the other port available 35802, 35804 and 35806

Restart the VDASH-EMU and when they are ready launch SLIMax Manager Pro v3.4.6.2 or greater