Getting started with SLIMax Manager (video tutorials)


How to create your own setup (iRaicing F1 car setup example, full tuto)

This tutorial focused on creation of a custom setup for iRacing F1 car based on the default setup, this full example is a good base to learn how to:

  • – create a custom setup from the default setup,
  • – choose and activate behaviors to get feedback on display device (throttle shaping, fuel mix, engine power, engine braking, diff. Enter/Mid/Exit, brake bias, etc.),
  • – map (assign) controls to function (KERS button, brake bias encoder, clutch axe in the example),
  • – map led to a control button (Radio button in the example),
  • – assign multiple leds to function (blue, yellow flag, drs, etc.),
  • – save your change,
  • – update your setups list,
  • – finally select the setup in menu before going on track. 😉

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